Front View of a House with a Garage — Garage Door Services in Livonia, MI

You replace your windows, flooring and kitchen appliances. You repaint your walls, update the woodwork and install new countertops. Why? Well, mostly because you want to update your home, increase its value and feel more comfortable in your space. But what about your garage door? It's often overlooked or seen as something standard that doesn't need a redo.

Before you pass on a garage door replacement, take a look at the reasons why this home upgrade is so important. Whether you're getting ready to sell your house or are just looking for ways to make your home a better space, this improvement project may do more for your home than you think.

Home Value

Adding value to your home is a constant activity. No one wants to sell their home for less than they bought it. Right? So you make updates, remodel areas and renovate your space. But you don't want to spend more on these projects than they get you back. Sure, it's great to have a new kitchen or bathroom. However, if that new room sucks all of your home budgets out and doesn't give you anything back in return, it's not worth it.

Each home project offers a different return on your investment and adds a different amount to your home's overall value. A garage door replacement typically offers slightly over a 91% return on the costs spent. That's a pretty major return, especially in comparison to something such as a deck addition (that's a 64% return) or a bathroom addition (that's a 57% return).

Curb Appeal

Not only does a garage door replacement let you recoup most of the costs you'll spend, but it may also add improve the look of your home. Improving the "curb appeal" of your house is always helpful when it comes to improving the value, and the garage is often one of the first things that people see from the street.

The new garage doors that sports special styles or that are clean and fresh-looking make a powerful first impression. If you're considering selling your home, potential buyers will notice this immediately. Instead of passing by your home on the way to the next, a brand-new garage door can grab the buyer's attention with a "wow factor" that other houses may not have.

A new garage door lets you add a new style to your home or update the existing one. Instead of a plain type of door that just says, "blah," you can get a custom option that matches the rest of your home's exterior. It includes glass-paneled doors, patterned doors or doors that look gates.

Whether your home has a contemporary style or has more of a country look, you can completely change the exterior with a new garage door.

Energy Efficiency

Changing the way other people see your home isn't the only reason to replace a garage door. If you're staying in your home (in other words, not selling it), you may still want to invest in this type of project. Why? One of the major reasons is to change the energy expenditure of your home. The more energy efficient your home is, the less you'll spend on heating and cooling bills.

A new overhead garage door can help to seal off air leaks that an older model might have let in. It is especially important if you use the garage as a workspace or have turned it into a functional room. The heating and cooling you're pumping into the garage may quickly leak out if you have an uninsulated older door.

Along with the insulation factor, older doors may have cracks or gaps in their frames. It also adds to the leak factor and decreases your home's energy efficiency.

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