House with a Garage at Winter Season — Garage Door Services in Livonia, MI

When you’re decorating the exterior of your home for the holidays, your decor might not feel complete unless you decorate your garage door at the same time.  

Decorating your garage door can be a challenge, especially if you use your garage door on a regular basis. One of the best ways to maintain use of the door and decorate for the holidays is using flat decorations that don't obscure the functionality of the door. These decorating tips will help you make your garage door more beautiful for the holiday season.

Use a Light Projector

Light projectors are one of the most recent innovations in exterior holiday decor. A projector sits on a stake in the grass and projects lights onto a surface in the yard. Projectors make especially smart garage door decorations because the garage door is a flat, blank slate that the lights can be perfectly projected onto.
Light projectors do not interfere in any way with the functionality of the door, so this is a practical option for homeowners who use their door throughout the winter season.
When buying a light projector, note that different projectors have different maximum distances that they can project light. Before going to buy your light projector, measure the distance between the location in the yard where the projector will be positioned and the garage door. This will help you decide which projector is right for your yard.

Use Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper provides a festive look for your garage door and makes your garage door look like a giant gift at the same time. To reinforce the effect, place ribbon and bows over the wrapping paper.
If you’re considering decorating your garage door with wrapping paper, remember to make sure that the garage has a covering of some kind that will prevent the wrapping paper from being ruined by the next rain or snow.
If possible, wrap your garage door with metallic or reflective paper. This ensures that the light from your other holiday decorations will bounce off of your garage door at night.

Use a Wreath

A wreath is a smart decoration for a garage door, but most wreaths are hard to hang on the door itself. Additionally, if a wreath is hung on the door, this could stop the door from opening and closing and may clog your door's gears or mechanical pieces if the door operates while the wreath is in place.
To decorate with a wreath without creating problems, place the wreath hanger on the frame just above the door, then hang the wreath in the air in front of the garage.
Make sure that your car can drive into the garage without hitting the wreath. If the wreath is too large, it may get in the way of the car. If this is the case, replace the wreath with something smaller.

Use These Other Tips

When decorating your garage door, keep in mind that your first priority should be the safety of using the garage door. Never use any decorations that could potentially get the way of the garage door's moving parts. In addition, use these other tips:

  • Do not place decorations on the inside of the garage door, only on the outside of the door.
  • Do not pierce your door with nails or screws.
  • Do not use string lights on the door, as this could be dangerous if they became tangled with the door's mechanical parts.

If your decorations do happen to get stuck in your garage door's moving parts, contact a garage door repair service as soon as possible.
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