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You've finally decided to treat yourself and build a workshop in your garage. Now all you have to do is make the garage comfortable and secure. This is the perfect time to invest in a new overhead door, especially if yours is several years old and showing its age. Here are some tips for choosing the ideal garage door for your new hobby space.

Weigh the Pros and Cons of Windows

Windows let in natural light, which keeps you from feeling cooped up while working in your garage. They also provide a view of the outside world so you can see cars when they pull into your driveway. Garage door windows are also attractive and add visual appeal. Windows have advantages, but they also have drawbacks.

Unless you're careful about buying a garage door with energy-efficient windows, it may be difficult to control the climate when you're in your workshop. Windows are also a security risk. Most garage door windows are small enough that you don't have to worry about intruders sliding through them, but the intruders can look through the glass and see all the expensive tools in your workshop.

If you want windows for natural lighting and a connection to the outside world, then consider getting frosted windows or adding frosted contact paper to them later. Then, intruders can't see inside through the glass. One other potential disadvantage to buying a garage door with windows is the higher price you could have to pay when compared to a plain door of the same style.

Think About Climate Control

You want to be comfortable in the workshop since you'll be spending a lot of time in there. It should be cool in the summer and warm in the winter or you may lose interest in your hobby. A portable air conditioner and heater might handle the job as long as the garage is insulated well enough.

An insulated garage door helps prevent heat transfer, which is just what you need. Most garage doors can be manufactured with energy efficiency in mind. Energy-efficient steel doors for instance, are made with multiple layers. You can buy a door made of one, two, or three layers of steel. The more layers the door has, the easier it will be to control the climate in your garage. More layers make the door more expensive too.

Insulation is added between the layers to keep outside air outdoors and climate-controlled air inside. If you'd rather not pay extra for a well-insulated door, you can buy an affordable steel door with a single layer and add insulation yourself. This is an easy DIY project when you buy a garage door insulation kit from a home improvement store that contains insulation panels and weather stripping.

Remember Important Safety Features

Garage doors are strong enough that you don't have to worry about an intruder kicking in a door, whether it is made of wood, steel, vinyl, or fiberglass. Criminals can get in much more easily by fishing. Fishing is when an intruder inserts a sturdy wire hook through the top of your garage door to pull down the emergency release.

This is easier to do on some garage door models than others. You may want to shop around and find a door with the emergency release mounted in a way that makes fishing more difficult. You can also buy a kit for your door that blocks the emergency release so criminals can't reach it. Other useful security features are built into garage door openers so you can monitor your garage with your smartphone or be sent an alarm if the door opens.

A motion-detecting security light above the door helps deter criminals too. If you plan to dedicate your entire garage to your workshop and park your car on the driveway, consider installing strong locks that hold the door to the frame. The more security features you opt for, the less you'll have to worry about your tools when you're not home.

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